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Used Tire Buying Tips

Used Tire Buying Tips

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If you are looking for new tires, we have you covered any make, model or budget we can fit. However we know not everyone can afford to get new tires and are stuck with looking for used. If you are in that situation keep these tips in mind. 

Weather Cracking
Weather cracking happens when the rubber in the tire starts to get old and drys out. Tires not only have to have good tread to keep you safe they also  need to be clear of cracks as well. Cracking is hard to see until the tire is fully inflated but if you flex the side wall and look closely you should be able to spot the signs of cracking. 

Sidewall Damage
Another thing to watch for is damage to the sidewall of the tire. This mostly can happen from driving on an under inflated tire or rubbing a curb, this can result in premature tire failure and would not pass inspection. 

Date Code
Rubber is a natural product and is only good for so long! We typically say tires are good for five years after they are made before you start getting into weather cracking issues (see tip #1). Good news! It is easy to see when your tires were made by finding the date code. In the photo below you can see this tire was made on the 14th week of 2011.

Tread Level.
You will want to inspect the tread depth to determine if there is any life left in the tires. Tires fail when 2mm or less is remaining on the treads. 

Well that's all the tips I can think of on purchasing used tires. It is always best to buy new since you will know what you are getting however use these tips to avoid getting burned when buying used. 

If you have anymore questions give me a call 902-368-2429 or shoot me an email [email protected] and I will do my best to help you out! 


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