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JustJoes Express is a "first come first serve" automotive shop in Charlottetown.

62 Allen Street, Charlottetown

JustJoes Express brings you a fast and easy automotive experience. JustJoes Express is a branch of JustJoes Automotive, a well known automotive shop in Charlottetown (moving soon to Stratford). Instead of waiting days or sometimes weeks for an appointment, we are providing Charlottetown and surrounding areas with a “first come first serve” automotive service experience. 

JustJoes Express specializes in smaller repairs and maintenance, such as brakes, minor suspension, exhaust repairs, tires, oil changes, regular maintenance and motor vehicle inspections.  


We do things a little differently at the Express and limit job sizes to around 1.5 - 2 hours per issue. You can “stack” these jobs. For example, a brake repair, an inspection and tires would be able to be performed at the Express. However if you require a repair that will take longer than 2 hours or is more advanced, unfortunately we cannot get you fixed up at the Express. If you would like to stay in the JustJoes family you can visit our JustJoes Stratford location where we can probably get you fixed up!

We are a first come first serve shop. If you are in need of a repair or service you can drive or tow your vehicle to the shop and you will be assigned a work order. Please call before towing. You are then put in the queue! If you are first in line, great! You are next! If there are four numbers ahead of you, well that means you are fifth in line and we are working our hardest to get to you. 


We understand that this may not be the most convenient for everyone, on account of not being able to book an appointment or not being able to do all your repairs at the JustJoes Express. For that we apologize. We are trying to create a repair shop that can take care of the most people as quickly as possible. Common repairs such as brake replacements or tire repairs can come up quickly and unexpectedly resulting in your vehicle being parked and you stranded. The majority of traditional shops are booking weeks in advance and have a hard time squeezing these unexpected repairs into their already over booked schedules.


We hope that this trade for the occasional inconvenience is worth the speedy repair on your more regular “unexpected” issues. 


However, if you still want that traditional shop feel and want to keep it in the JustJoes family come see us at our full service shop JustJoes Stratford at 240 Mason rd.


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