At JustJoes we have a selection of tires that are considered our "House Brands*". These tires are made by manufactures we have great relationships with and products that we consider to be best value for your hard earned dollar! 

These tires are covered under our JustJoes Tire Coverage  on top of any warranties or programs facilitated by the manufacture.

Our House brands include

Maxxis Tires

General Tires

Continental Tires

Sailun Tires

Rovelo Tires


*Our "house" brands of tires may change in the future! If we can't get you that exact brand or model we will hook you up with the closest tire we can! (Maxxis, Rovelo, General, Continental, or Sailun)

Chachland tires have been removed from our house brand lists due to inconsistent supply. Cachland tires purchased before September 15th, 2020 will be covered under our tire coverage.
Zeta and Mazzini have been removed from out house bran list. Zeta or Mazzini tires purchased before March 30th, 2022 will be covered under our tire coverage program.

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